1968: Land of the Giants

LandofgiantsWhat would you do if you suddenly found yourself in a land where you were the size of a mouse and everyone else was normal size, and there was no way of getting home?

I begin this week with a look at the Pilot of another Irwin Allen created tv show (he also created Lost in Space). This may be a show you have never heard of, I hadn’t until last week. It’s called Land of the Giants, and it first aired September 22, 1968. Continue reading


1967/1968: The Question -Timeslide Part 1

IMG_0030-1So I have to make a confession. I don’t know comics as well as I would like to. When looking forward to this week I knew I would be looking at Batgirl, and was quite pleased that Deadman and the Question were also introduced this year. I knew I had the first issue of Deadman, as I have all 5 Trades of his early adventures, I knew I had Batgirl’s first issue, as it is part of the 75th Batman anniversary collection, and I thought I had the first issue of the Question, in a companion book to “52” which has an early Question story written by his creator Steve Ditko. I was surprised and disappointed to find that it was not his first issue from Blue Beetle #1, nor was it from 1967. It was from 1968, the first issue of Mysterious Suspence. Continue reading

1967: Batgirl

Detective_Comics_359My second entry for 1967 is all about one of Batman’s closest allies and one of the most popular women in comics: Barbara “Batgirl” Gordon. While not the original (the original first appeared in 1961, but was removed from continuity when Batman was returned to his darker roots) or the last, Barbara Gordon is the name most associated as being Batgirl. She was written into the comics because a certain campy Batman TV series of the time wanted to add her character to the cast. Batgirl first appeared in comics in the story “The Million Dollar Debut of Batgirl” printed in Detective Comics #359. The story was written by Gardner Fox and drawn by Carmine Infantino (who also drew Deadman’s first appearance) and was published in January of 1967. Her first television appearance was on the 3rd season premiere of Batman entitled “Enter Batgirl, Exit Penguin”. It aired on September 14th of the same year. Continue reading

1967: Deadman

Strangeadventures207Well, it’s been a busy week, and I am now stuck putting out 3 posts in 2 days, but that’s alright, I like the material.

For this post we are looking at the Strange Adventures #205 story entitled “Who Has Been Lying In My Grave?”. This story was written by Arnold Drake with art by Carmine Infantino and was published in October of 1967. This story introduces one of my favourite characters in DC’s mythology: Deadman!

As the story begins, Deadman, was just the stage name for a struggling circus trapeze artist named Boston Brand. Continue reading

Intro to 1967: The Art of Don Sparrow

For 1967 I am very happy to be doing the review of the origins for 3 of my favourite DC characters. That’s right, I don’t only do Marvel heroes. The first is the most popular (but not original) of Batman’s female counterparts) and one of the strongest females in comics: Barbara Gordon AKA Batgirl. The other two are tied for first place of what I consider my favorite C list characters: The Question and Deadman. Because of my fondness for these characters I asked a good friend, DC comics expert, fellow Saskatonian and professional artist Don Sparrow to do a simple sketch of their heads over the year: 1967.

This is what he came up with. Continue reading

1966: Star Trek

TOSopeninglogoYou all know How it begins: “Space. The Final Frontier.” Well, this is When it begins. 1966, the year Star Trek first aired.

For this study I was looking especially at the 3 main characters as I was at the show itself. The show first aired on September 8th with the episode “The Man Trap.” Continue reading

1966: Silver and Black Super Heroes

silver-surfer-jack-kirbyToday, I look at the first story arcs of two colourful people from Marvel Comics: Silver Surfer and Black Panther!

Silver Surfer was first featured in Fantastic Four #48-50. Black Panther in issues #52 and #53. Both stories were written by Stan Lee and drawn by Jack Kirby.

These issues also introduce Wyatt Wingfoot, Galactus and Ulysses Klaw.

FF 48 actually begins with the conclusion of the Inhumans origin, with Silver Surfer appearing half way through the issue.

On their way back from the Himalayas, the Fantastic Four see the sky turn red and fiery. Continue reading