1964: Witches, Spies, and Monsters

My plan for today originally was to come home after work and cut through a chunk of Dune for next weeks post. However, I stayed up too late doing just that last night, and was up early this morning, and was dozing off every few lines. So, instead, I returned to 1964 and watched a few TV pilots from that year.

Bewitched_color_title_cardFirst, I watched “I, Darren, Take This Witch, Samantha”, the first episode of Bewitched. While it is definitely a show of it’s day, some of the humour still holds through today, specifically the sexual innuendos of what they do on their honeymoon and at night (once she’s done all her chores as a “proper house wife”) and a scene where she purposely embarrasses a women hitting on Darren. This is a show that takes your view of the perfect 60’s couple and twists it just enough to make it interesting, but doesn’t rely entirely on her being a witch to drive the show. Did I enjoy it? Yes. Would I keep watching? Maybe a few episodes.

The_Man_from_U.N.C.L.ESecond was “The Vulcan Affair” from The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Based on an idea from Ian Fleming (James Bond), we follow Napoleon Solo as he foils the plans to assassinate a foreign diplomat by using the assassins former girlfriend against him. Most of the action is at the end of the show and a lot of time is used to set up the story, but the story is an interesting one, once you get to know all the characters. Napoleon Solo is not quite as suave or cool as Bond, but he gets the job done and kills the bad guys. Did I enjoy it? Yes? Will I keep watching? Again, maybe only a few more episodes. Will I watch the movie that comes out this year? Probably.

The_Munsters_title_cardThird and last was “Munster Masquarade” from The Munsters. This one I did not enjoy. The plot is that the Munsters are invited to a costume party, so obviously no one realizes they are as odd as they are. There are a lot of very poor jokes that come along with the territory, mostly about how weird humans are, or about monsterish or poor play on words. The type of jokes I make that no one laughs at, and then my wife calls me out on just to make it more embarrassing. Will I watch more? No.

All shows premiered in black and white in September 1964, and have or are being remade in some form, (Bewitched and U.N.C.L.E. as movies, Munsters returned to TV in the 80’s).

Still to come: Dune and Lost in Space!

All images from Wikipedia
The Man From Uncle
The Munsters


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