Intro to 1967: The Art of Don Sparrow

For 1967 I am very happy to be doing the review of the origins for 3 of my favourite DC characters. That’s right, I don’t only do Marvel heroes. The first is the most popular (but not original) of Batman’s female counterparts) and one of the strongest females in comics: Barbara Gordon AKA Batgirl. The other two are tied for first place of what I consider my favorite C list characters: The Question and Deadman. Because of my fondness for these characters I asked a good friend, DC comics expert, fellow Saskatonian and professional artist Don Sparrow to do a simple sketch of their heads over the year: 1967.

This is what he came up with.image

I know, it’s awesome. He went way above and beyond.

If you like this, and let’s face it, you do, you can find more of Don’s art and art expertise at the following places

Donny, again, many thanks!


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