2015: The Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo

4 days of pop culture excellence.

IMG_1306The Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo is an opportunity for fans from all over geek culture to join together and celebrate their passions. For some, this is a place to buy merchandise, wether it be comics, props, toys, or otherwise, from the hundreds of vendors. For others, this is a change to meet some of the many artists set up in “Artist Alley”. Some artists will sign books, some will sell prints, and if your lucky, and willing to part with a little more coin, you may be able to get an original piece. Some come to participate in the fantastic Cosplay experience. Whether that be in showing off the costumes they have spent hours if not days or weeks preparing, in stopping to take pictures with their favourite characters, or exchanging ideas and improving their crafts. Many come to see some of their favourite celebrities. Braving through crazy lines filled with others like them who have come to get autographs, take a photo op, or watch a panel, they show their love to that person who has brought joy into their lives. These are just some of the great experiences you can have if you too hold your head up high and call yourself “a geek”. And if you don’t… come anyways, you’ll have a blast!

This is my experience:

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Short Hiatus

I haven’t had a chance to write in a few days because I’ve been getting ready to go to Calgary for the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, where I am volunteering for several days. I have both The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Firestorm #1 to review, but I just haven’t had the chance. So I will take a few days off to do the show, and when I come back I will do reviews on those, as well as the show itself, and then probably combine 2 years into 1 week at some point.

Below is a picture of myself on the right as well as my buddy Mike on the left as we set up the show on Wednesday afternoon.

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1978/2015: Superman vs Daredevil

daredevil-posterSuperman_(Christopher_Reeve)I find myself in a bit of an odd space right now. For 1978 I’m looking at Superman, a film that, although not an original property, is a game changer in the worlds of both film and comics. I knew I couldn’t write about this movie without asking my good friend, Don Sparrow, who lives and breathes Superman to imput his 2 cents (stay tuned I will post his following this one). I also knew, that nothing I had to say wouldn’t compare to what Don had to say or be something that hasn’t been said a thousand times. On the other hand, just like many other fans, just spent my weekend binge watching Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix. I wanted to right about that, but again, Di not want to tread over the same ground every other treader is treading over. So, I had a thought. Why not compare the two, and speak about what connects me to the characters, the storytelling, and how both are shining examples of what I love from the books. Maybe I’ll do something unique. Warning spoilers ahead.

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1974/2014: The Star Wars (Dark Horse Adaptation of the Original Script Draft)

22824Last year Dark Horse Comics published an 8 issue series entitled The Star Wars. Adapted by J. W. Rinzler with gorgeous art by Mike Mayhew, it told the tale that George Lucas originally presented to studios in 1974. This was a very different universe than made it into theatres. And thank goodness. While this was full of similarities and some cool scenes, the plot was somewhat chaotic and was definitely in need of focus. There are many scenes that are recreated in both New Hope and Return of the Jedi, but it is mostly its own story. Continue reading

1977: Star Wars (The Marvel Comics Series) Mini Post

star-warsWhen Star Wars came out in 1977, it didn’t come out alone. A slew of toys, and collectables came out, as well as a novelization and (more importantly to me) a Marvel Comics adaptation. Consisting of the first 6 issues of what would become a very successful ongoing series, this retold the events of the first film. Episode IV, A New Hope.

The story remains the same, Luke Skywalker teams up with Han Solo to rescue Princess Leia and get the Death Star plans to the Rebellion and destroy it. Each issue covers a portion of the film as follows.

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1977: STAR WARS!

star-wars-episode-4-advance-posterIn my opinion, if you want to watch great science fiction you look in 3 places. Alien, if you want suspense; 2001: A Space Odyssey, if you are looking for a visually stunning epic that explores a more realistic take on space travel; and Star Wars if you want pure fun and excitement. These are the trinity of Sci Fi. 3 brilliant films that have not been surpassed by anything that has come in the 30-40 years since they came out. Is any one of these better than the other 2? Who’s to say? But yes, Star Wars is better than the other 2.

It’s hard to discuss George Lucas’ masterpiece and not say what hasn’t already been said. 97% of the galaxy love it, 2% don’t and 1% haven’t seen it. I was talking with my good friend at Buddy Critic a few days ago and he asked me this question: “How much different would that movie have to have been not to be what it became?”. It’s something I’ve had on my mind since, and instead of looking at its plot (which everyone is familiar with) I will look at the many components that make it one of the greatest films of all time. WARNING! I make many comparisons to comic characters.

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