1979: Mad Max

imageOne of this years biggest movies has definitely been Mad Max: Fury Road. I have yet to see it and I don’t know if I will, at least any time
soon. All I can seem to get out of it is that Max is still mad, and that everyone is driving around mad and that the best part is when they have some drummer up on a parade float rocking out. It just doesn’t intrigue me. I’m sure I’ll see it and love it, but I’m going to need more motivation.

Before its release I kept on hearing about how good the originals were, specifically Mad Max: Road Warrior, the second in the series. So I watched the first one, but nothing about it told me I need to keep going. There are plenty of things that it’s going for it, that I thought would be great, but didn’t seem to deliver. It’s Mel Gibson who is great in movies like Lethal Weapon. It’s a revenge film, which I thought would add a rawness to it, and it’s supposed to be post apocalyptic which usually adds some sort of fear element to it.

imageThese things did not deliver. Gibson was a fairly flat character, who wasn’t really given a chance to show off his acting chops. There were attempts at making him deep and building on the relationship he had with his family, but it felt forced. The post apocalyptic Australian outback that it’s supposed to be set in seemed more like a place where the cops didn’t really know how to do they’re job and things got out of hand. There was a lack of regular residents, but it was mostly set in the outback, there was no destruction or ruin to imply an apocalypse of sorts. And the revenge aspect of the film could have been achieved in a third of the time it took to get to, and I felt like a lot of my time was wasted setting up simply for a final showdown. Also, I’ve seen this story, it’s the Punishers origin, and it’s not original. Had this been the first 30 minutes of a Punisher film I would have pretty happy, but it wasn’t, it was a full length feature and I found it to be not worth its praise.

There were some good parts, when Max and his family are hiding out on their family farm, the Grandma is puts up a good stand against the thugs who kill his family and I thought that that was cool. I also enjoyed watching him try to quit his job as a police officer and his boss not having any of it. But that was about it. There may have been more, but I actually watched this movie a month or so ago and I’m just writing about it now. Had I written this immediately more may come to mind.

Now this may be one of those things that at first I don’t appreciate, but when I go back and take in again seems brilliant to me. That’s what happened when I read Watchmen and watched The Office and listened to Radiohead. It may for this as well, and I have heard the second one is the one that knocks it out of the park, but for now, watching this one has not been enough to entice to me to keep going. And I’m ok with that.

Thanks for reading. Maybe you can give me some reasons to keep watching, or can give me a different perspective. Let me know in the comments section.

Images from: http://io9.com/stories-from-the-sets-of-mad-max-the-road-warrior-1702490722, http://resizing.flixster.com/NVveiewvlMz1OjSkrAraW0jOlmg=/800×1200/dkpu1ddg7pbsk.cloudfront.net/movie/11/17/23/11172324_ori.jpg


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