1982/1991: The Rocketeer

rocketeerI haven’t been able to get into it to deeply on this blog, but I love the golden age/pulp era that is the 1940’s. If I could up and move to any time, it would be then. I got to talk about it recently a little when discussing Indiana Jones, and showed off my new recent additions to my slowly growing art collection from the Saskatoon Expo, but that’s been about it.

I am more than happy with my Shadow and Green Hornet pieces, but there are a few more from that style that I would like to add to the collection: Dick Tracy, The Spirit, original versions of Batman, and Superman, Indiana Jones, maybe the Invaders, and one who I kind of considered to be off-limits: the Rocketeer. Continue reading


1982: E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial version of Tarzan

ETThis is the third Spielberg movie I’ve been able to convince Sarah to watch with me in the past few months. Jurassic Park, (which was actually her idea) Indiana Jones, and finally this.

This had always been a film that I knew about, had seen as a kid a couple of times, but wasn’t one I cared too much about. Possibly because my parents never bought the VHS and I only ever caught it on tv. Most likely, I never even watched it in its entirety. It’s one of Steven Spielberg’s most iconic films (his company Ambling Entertainment takes its logo from the film), with an instantly recognizable John Williams theme to go with it. Continue reading


2015: The Saskatoon Comic and Entertainment Expo

imageAnother Expo has come and gone!

This time, the one taking place at home, here in Saskatoon. It took up a lot of my time. I was the Distribution Team Lead again, I also helped with a couple of guest pick ups and with the Beecake concert at Louis’ Pub. I have a ton of stories, not all of which can be told, but I will cover some of the highlights here.

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1982: The Art of….. Graeme Williams?


I will preface this with saying that drawing is not my strong suite. This is not something I normally do, but today I sat down and drew my own piece of art. I’ve been thinking about taking a crack at my own art piece for a while, and I thought there was no better day than a rainy
holiday Monday.

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