2014: The Martian (part 2) – The Film

I was really exited to see this movie. So exited that I kept on showing my wife the trailer and insisting that she go. So exited that I myself kept watching the trailer myself over and over again. It had me going just as much if not more than most superhero movies this year. I wasn’t as exited as Ant-Man, definitely more than avengers or FF. And it paid off. I thought it was really good. Sarah loved it.

She kept on turning to me during the movie and saying “this is a really good movie”. That NEVER happens! She even liked the 3D!

This is probably the first time going to see a movie in the theatre that I had read actually the book to in my entire life (except for comics, obviously). So this was a new experience for me. I really enjoyed the movie, and was surprised with how close to the book they stayed. But it wasn’t as good as the book. For me this was more of me reminiscing about how awesome Andy Weir’s book was. I knew that in 2 hours they wouldn’t get into the great detail that Whatney, played by Matt Damon, got into in his video logs. I knew that certain things would be left on the page. But I still found myself thinking, “in the book, this is why that happened” or “it was done a little better in the book”. Stuff that Sarah says to me all the time when we go see her movies, but not stuff I had ever said in a non comic book movie.

THE MARTIANBut I still really liked the movie. Damon portrayed Whatney perfectly. He captured the attitude of Mark. He captured the genius of Mark. He captured everything that Mark Whatney is in the book. And there were subtle differences in how he portrayed the character and how I interpreted the character that were interesting to watch. The JPL team and Ares crew was cast very well too. Jeff Daniels as the slightly dislikable Director of Nasa comes across perfectly. I love Michael Pena in anything he is in, and Kate Mara was a waaaay better explorer in this as astronaut Johanssen than she was as Sue Storm in FF. In fact, had Reed, Johnny, and Victor taken her along instead of Ben she may have gotten them home safe. Turns out, she’s pretty good at it.

And Ridley Scott proves once again that he is the master of Sci-Fi. This time concurring not aliens, not robots, but the real humanity and emotion of real space exploration.

If you have not yet gone to see this film, I highly suggest that you do. Great contrast of serious, funny, surprising and emotional. But read the book first, because it adds way more suspense and shock to the surprises.

Also, to enhance the experience I suggest you have my wife get your food. Right before the movie she bought me all the junk food you could need – Fruit Roll-Ups, Pop Tarts, coconut water, a Caramilk bar, a Mars bar, Hickory Sticks, Big Feet, Sweetish Berries, Skittles, Twizzlers, and a Pepsi, all for $14 at the dollar store!

Thanks for reading! And be sure to read my review of the original book here!

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