Bat month: The Art of Becca Reilly

My wife knocked Christmas out of the park last year.

Not only did she get me a sweet record player and some cool records (which wrapped together I thought was a calendar until I figured it out in a dream on Christmas Eve), she also commissioned this Long Halloween style Batman piece as well.image

Amazing, hey? This was done by another friend and local Saskatoon artist Becca Reilly. Not only was it done in the style of my favourite book, but some of the calander pages floating around next to Batman, a recurring image in the book and on the covers, have been dated with dates important to us. My birthday, our anniversary, the day we got engaged, are all in there.

When I opened it up, I almost cried. I have never been so emotional over a gift.

To check out more of Becca’s art you can go to

Her Instagram: @rebeccareillyart

or on Facebook page at: Rebecca Reilly Art

Here is another great example of her art.


Thanks for reading!


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