1939: I, Robot and Other Amazing Stories

 I, Robot is a name that many people are familiar with. But this I, Robot is not what you think it is. It is not the Will Smith blockbuster film. Nor is it any of the short stories from the collection of the same name by famous robot fiction author Isaac Asimov, who’s work inspired that film. It’s not even the novelized script from the unproduced film written by Asimov and another famous sci-fi author, Harlan Ellison.

While unrelated to the previously mentioned works, this story came first and did influence Asimov’s work. It was Asimov’s publisher who chose to call the collection of work I, Robot, against the writer’s objections.

This is the story of Adam Link, as told by brothers Otto Binder and Earl Andrew Binder under the suedodym Eando Binder (E and O Binder).  Continue reading


2015 in Review

It’s been one year. And I didn’t do it. My goal with this blog was to spend each week looking at a piece of fiction from a different year. 1964-2015. 52 years, 52 weeks, 52 pieces of fiction. Seemed easy when I began, but I only made it to 1982.

Did I reach my goal? No.

Am I happy with what I was able to accomplish? Yes.

52 weeks spread throughout books, movies, TV and comics meant about 13 each. I read 15 books (I did not write about all of them), this is a feet as I normally never read. I read a variety of novellas and short stories. I wrote about 18 movies, 13 TV shows (made it, feww!) 2 radio shows, and I don’t even want to count how many comics. I didn’t go through the years I wanted to, but I definitely achieved the number I works I wanted to.

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