2015 in Review

It’s been one year. And I didn’t do it. My goal with this blog was to spend each week looking at a piece of fiction from a different year. 1964-2015. 52 years, 52 weeks, 52 pieces of fiction. Seemed easy when I began, but I only made it to 1982.

Did I reach my goal? No.

Am I happy with what I was able to accomplish? Yes.

52 weeks spread throughout books, movies, TV and comics meant about 13 each. I read 15 books (I did not write about all of them), this is a feet as I normally never read. I read a variety of novellas and short stories. I wrote about 18 movies, 13 TV shows (made it, feww!) 2 radio shows, and I don’t even want to count how many comics. I didn’t go through the years I wanted to, but I definitely achieved the number I works I wanted to.

This was in part because 1 item per year doesn’t do that years works justice, if there are 2 or more works worth mentioning. By the time I got to April I had blitzed through every year at a decent pace, but I was exhausted. I had taken no time for my own reading, or taken any breaks at all. I stopped to work the Calgary convention and to take a vacation and it was really nice to take a break. Since that point I have not kept up with that original speed, something I need to improve on this year. I do enjoy going at my own pace though. Had I known that I would not have been making 2015 by this point I probably would have gone back to frankenstien (which I read for the first time this fall) and slowly worked foreward.

I had multiple intentions with this experiment. First, I wanted to expand my horizons. I feel as though I’ve done that. I introduced myself to a variety of new movies, tv shows and books that otherwise I would not have. Oddly enough I actually feel that I was stuck in a pre 1950’s funk as far as reading went. I’ve almost exclusively read Victorian era to early 1900’s literature – Tarzan, John Carter, the Invisible Man, War of the World’s, Fu Manchu, Jekyll and Hyde, etc, and I’m slowly working through all of the Sherlock Holmes stories and everything H. P. Lovecraft wrote. The newest book since high school that I read before this year was Casino Royale (1953). I had also read some of the Asimov Robot stories, but they were also from this time.

Reading for this blog introduced me to books such as Dune, and writers such as Harlan Ellis, Arthur C. Clarke and Phillip K. Dick. I still read old books from eras that I love such as Dracula, Frankenstien, and The Maltese Falcon, but being that they were just for me and not so much about a specific year I put off writing about them.

There some pretty cool out of my normal territory movies I watched as well. Rollerball, Westworld, and Fantastic Voyage, we’re all movies I was happy to have come across.

My focus was not on TV as much, because there are only a few that caught my interest to watch, mostly it was about review classics I had watched and maybe watch pilots from a place of observation over entertainment. There are many shows that I have not seen that I look forward to in coming years.

There isn’t a lot in comics from the era I’ve covered that I was not familiar with. Most new stuff that I read was simply in the issue, not in the type of material itself. Again, I’m right in the cusp of a boom of new and unexplored material in the years to come.

The second of my goals was to reread many old things that had been forgotten in the depths of my collection. This I also achieved, and along with new material was able to expand on previously gained knowledge and provide insight.
My exploration of Batman’s early days is what I’m proudest of. Specifically his early days with Superman. That post has earned me over 15% of my views. I spent a lot of time researching, gathering material, and reading the inspirations to cover as much of the origins of Batman and his rogues gallery as I could, and I feel it paid off well. It was one of my favourite Halloweens ever.

I also reread  HG Welles’ The Time Machine, and The Doom that Came to Sarnath in attempts to bring more knowledge to new reads.

Finally my last goal was to partially witness how fiction changes over time as I explore things in a continuous chronology. So far I can only really comment on the change from astounding fantasy to that of a grim post apocalyptic focus, which was a more natural progression than I had expected.

All in all I’m pretty happy with the year I had as a blogger and a reader – 92 posts, just over 4000 views, most of which were toward the end of the year. I volunteered at 2 comic expos, I made some great finds on vacation in other cities, and I started the foundation of my art collection thanks to the likes of Donny Sparrow, James Zintel, Chris Fischer and other.

Favourite Books: the Martian (for the reading) Dracula (for how much it’s stuck in my head)

Favourite Comics: Locke and Key, even though I never wrote about it, and everything by Jeff Lemire, whose work I discovered

favourite Movie: Star Wars The Force Awaken (New) The Fantastic Voyage (old)

Favourite TV: Battle Star Galactica and the Six Million Dollar Man (have not written about it yet)

Favourite Reading Music: Stevie Wonder and Sleeping at Last

So to those who have stuck around, and to those that have been a part of my year, thanks for reading, I am looking forward to what 2016 brings.


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