2015 in Review

It’s been one year. And I didn’t do it. My goal with this blog was to spend each week looking at a piece of fiction from a different year. 1964-2015. 52 years, 52 weeks, 52 pieces of fiction. Seemed easy when I began, but I only made it to 1982.

Did I reach my goal? No.

Am I happy with what I was able to accomplish? Yes.

52 weeks spread throughout books, movies, TV and comics meant about 13 each. I read 15 books (I did not write about all of them), this is a feet as I normally never read. I read a variety of novellas and short stories. I wrote about 18 movies, 13 TV shows (made it, feww!) 2 radio shows, and I don’t even want to count how many comics. I didn’t go through the years I wanted to, but I definitely achieved the number I works I wanted to.

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The Art of Chris Fischer

Predator:Robocop:Star Trek Chris FischerChris Fischer is another local artist and friend who I got to do a piece for the blog. And it’s beautiful.

I’m ashamed to say that this was done for my examination of 1987, which should have been done over 6 months ago. I have been sitting on this piece for so long, wanting to post it, but being so delayed and slow that I haven’t found the right time to do it.

One of the reasons I have respect for Chris and why I love his art is because he, likes me, puts everything he has into what he loves. The 3 franchise’s in the image, Robocop, Star Trek TNG, and Predator are just 3 of the things that I know he is an expert on. If you ever get the chance to have a discussion with him, his vast knowledge permeates and enhances the discussion. You can see this expertise shine through in his art as well.

I feel like this is the perfect time to showcase his work because of Star Wars. This is another franchise to which he puts his heart into the art. These are a couple of pieces he has done during the lead up to The Force Awakens. I think the Boba Fett is awesome, but the Vader/Padme is hauntingly beautiful. Enjoy.

fischer bobaFischer darth

You can find more of Chris Fischer’s art at the following:

Deviant Art



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2015: Star Wars – The Force Awakens (Contains Spoilers)

SW-AWAKENSDo not read if you have not seen the movie and want to be surprised when you do.



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New blog

Since October, I’ve been pretty absent at this site. It’s because instead of taking in material I’ve been working on putting out. I have 2 longer stories I’m working on, and have also been working on short stories. 
You chan check out the shorts as I post them here, at Graeme Writes.
I do plan on writing more here, when I have a little more time. As it is, I am usually just writing during my work break.

Thanks for sticking around.


1920/2000: The Dooms that Came to Sarnath and Gotham

I finally did it! I found Batman: The Doom that came to Gotham! This is a series of 3 prestige format books written by Mike Mignola and Richard Pace with art by Troy Nixey and Dennis Janke that draws from the works of H. P. Lovecraft.

This is not an impossible book to find, but it is rare. The cheapest I could find it on Ebay was just shy of $100. The last time I was in my comic shop they had a set for $75, which I couldn’t do. I used to work there so I thought maybe next time I’d be able to haggle it down, but I didn’t have to. I found it today in a used comic store for $8 a piece.

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An Original Western/Horror Short Story

The following is an original story I wrote over the course of a day. It was just for kicks to play around with a couple themes and  and get an idea of how a comic would be written. Let me know what you think. Be warned, this is the first piece of fiction I have created since high school, ten years ago, with the exception of my tax forms.
A Deadly Chill

Page 1

Panel 1

Bill Rogers is leaving the saloon, it’s late, and he is just shy of sober. Snow is falling, but there is no snow on the ground.

Panel 2

He is startled to see a wolf on the other side of his horse. He reaches for his gun.

Panel 3

He runs to the other side of his horse, ready to shoot, but is shocked again as he finds a shadowed man instead of a wolf.

Panel 4

Bill: “Sorry partner, I must have had a little more whisky than I thought”

Panel 5

The stranger: “I thirst”

Bill responds: “Uhh, alright. Well, let me set you up with the bartender, he owes me a favour”

Panel 6

The stranger: “I thirst”

Bill: “… So you’ve said. Come on, I’ll get you all squared away”

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