1955-58: X Minus One

Countdown for blastoff… X minus five, four, three, two, X minus one… Fire! From the far horizons of the unknown come transcribed tales of new dimensions in time and space. These are stories of the future; adventures in which you’ll live in a million could-be years on a thousand may-be worlds. The National Broadcasting Company, in cooperation with Street & Smith, publishers of Astounding Science Fiction presents… X Minus One.

Both of my recent posts – X-files and I, Robot, have their ties to a show that I love, The Outer Limits. The thought about Science Fiction evolution has encouraged me to take a couple steps further back this weekend, past The Outer Limits, to X Minus One, a staple from the golden age of radio.

X Minus One, like its not as well known predecessor Dimension X, was a Sci Fi anthology program featuring a mix of both original stories as well as adaptations of popular tales (typically from partnering magazine Galaxy Science Fiction) from the popular writers of the day, men who became legends in the genre, like Philip K. Dick, Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, and Ray Bradbury. Adaptations and original stories were written by Ernest Kinoy or George Lefferts.

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1982/1991: The Rocketeer

rocketeerI haven’t been able to get into it to deeply on this blog, but I love the golden age/pulp era that is the 1940’s. If I could up and move to any time, it would be then. I got to talk about it recently a little when discussing Indiana Jones, and showed off my new recent additions to my slowly growing art collection from the Saskatoon Expo, but that’s been about it.

I am more than happy with my Shadow and Green Hornet pieces, but there are a few more from that style that I would like to add to the collection: Dick Tracy, The Spirit, original versions of Batman, and Superman, Indiana Jones, maybe the Invaders, and one who I kind of considered to be off-limits: the Rocketeer. Continue reading