Schrödinger’s Batman v. Superman

  I know I’m guilty of doing this in the past with other movies, but we’ve got calm down with the judgement of a movie that hasn’t come out yet. Like the titular characters of the film, fans (and haters) have taken up arms on whether or not Batman v. Superman will please moviegoers and whether or not it will be able to support an ongoing franchise. In fact people are saying some outrageously strong remarks about this film that they have not seen.

It is really easy, sometimes, to get caught up in mob mentality and brutalize a person we know nothing about, or to road rage and say whatever we feel like from protection of our home, but we need to remind ourselves that we are not privy to what is going on behind the scenes.

The fact is, unless you are part of a select few, or have psychic abilities, you don’t know yet what is going to happen in the film, how solid the acting is, what the director is aiming for, or the emotional reaction other viewers will have of the film. Neither does having read a ton of comics or seeing other films in the genre mean anything. We shouldn’t even judge it on Man of Steel. In fact, having watched other films should tell us to expect the unexpected. It could go in a million directions.

For example, in public opinion

Spider-Man by Sam Raimi, the sequel were arguably better, the 3rd was much worse. All from the same director.

The same goes for X men, but with a different director for part 3

Nolan’s Batman was a roller coaster, Dark knight Rises is when the roller coaster is slowing down, yeah it seems disappointing, but don’t forget you’re at a freaking amusement park.

Iron Man was great, the same director did not meet our expectations with 2 (in popular opinion, not in mine), 

Avengers 2 did not live up to the sequel, but appeared as though it could have without studio interference.

Star Wars was heavily controlled by the studio, and a Star Wars writing group, and was great. 

Abrams gave us exactly what we wanted for Star Wars and we ate it up, while he gave us something completely different and new for Star Trek… And we completely ate it up.

And finally, knowing what The Amazing Spider-Man was like helped us enjoy the Amazing Spider-Man more than we probably should have.

There is no mold.

Zack Snyder is laying down new ground with Batman v. Superman, and we need to wait until we get a chance to walk on it before we judge. We also need to remember that this is a piece of art for him. 

Is he in it for the pay check? Yes. Are you in your job for the pay check? You might say, “No, I do it because it is what I love to do” and that is great, but ultimately, the pay check helps you to live and is a necessity. But if it was only about money, you would not be doing what you are doing, and neither would he. He is making this movie for the fans, for the studio and for himself. So don’t go shitting on it. This is his career. He is not trying to piss people off, this is his story, give him, and the other people who worked on it, the chance to tell it. He has been picked specifically for this project, so have faith.

It is time that people who think a movie is going to be good go see the movie, and those who do not, don’t go. I think that buying a ticket for the sake of giving yourself some ammo for the online bashing of the creators is unhelpful, counterproductive, and frankly, against what most of these characters are all about.

So I challenge you. If you did not enjoy Man of Steel, and don’t think BvS will be any good, take your family out to dinner on March 25th, maybe play a game, and stay away from BvS fan sites . If the movie doesn’t look good but you love superheroes, save your judgement, buy a ticket, then critique it fairly, and if you can’t wait to see it, awesome, but understand that not everyone will agree with you.

Until we see it, it is both the greatest movie in the world and the worst, Schödingers Batman v. Superman, if you will, so we should save action until we know.

This turned into more of a rant than I wanted it too. Thanks for reading anyways.


Batman v. Superman: The Complete Story of How They Met (1945, 1952, 1958, 1970, 1972, 1986, 2003, 2004, 2008, 2011, 2013)

tumblr_mep09meHZD1r89a2ho1_1280Batman has a very large family of heroes that support him in Gotham, and without them he could not get half the good work done that he does. But they always stand in his shadows, both in function and in sales. Nightwing is a first-rate character, but no one is surprised or excited when they team up, and when they do it is most often in aid of Batman’s current objective. But one man stands on the same level as Batman. One man can go head to head and stand his ground in every way. Only one man can be his complete equal while also being his complete opposite, if not going beyond. Opposing one another, they’re rivalry could level cities, but together they are an unstoppable force. This man is a force you don’t want to go against unless you ARE Batman. This man is Superman.

Next year will mark the first time that Superman and Batman meet on the big screen. But while this may be the first for film, it is not even close to the first time they have met in other mediums. They have had countless guest appearances in each others books and cartoons as well as team ups and shared time with the Justice League. But it is hard to say exactly when Batman and Superman first met. And various incarnations tell the story differently. So for ease I am going to break this down by era. Continue reading

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daredevil-posterSuperman_(Christopher_Reeve)I find myself in a bit of an odd space right now. For 1978 I’m looking at Superman, a film that, although not an original property, is a game changer in the worlds of both film and comics. I knew I couldn’t write about this movie without asking my good friend, Don Sparrow, who lives and breathes Superman to imput his 2 cents (stay tuned I will post his following this one). I also knew, that nothing I had to say wouldn’t compare to what Don had to say or be something that hasn’t been said a thousand times. On the other hand, just like many other fans, just spent my weekend binge watching Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix. I wanted to right about that, but again, Di not want to tread over the same ground every other treader is treading over. So, I had a thought. Why not compare the two, and speak about what connects me to the characters, the storytelling, and how both are shining examples of what I love from the books. Maybe I’ll do something unique. Warning spoilers ahead.

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1970: Jack Kirby’s Return to DC and Darksied’s First (cameo) Appearance

imageJack Kirby is best known for co-creating many of Marvel’s superheroes including Hulk, The Fantastic Four and Captain America. In 1970, he ended his 102 issues run of Fantastic Four and with it his work with Marvel. Moving over to DC he took over writing and penciling chores for Superman’s Pal: Jimmy Olsen. I can can only assume that the Jimmy Olsen title was about to be cancelled and DC gave him the title to test his Fourth World story before launching new titles.

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